Brick Atelier

Copyright © 2004-2013 Paul K. Pekkarinen
Version 0.85 - 10. September 2013 - This page last updated 8. October 2017


Brick Atelier is a freeware (read more on 'Legal information') tile editor for Windows. While limited in features it offers a fast user interface with most of the often needed features visible on the main screen. Brick Atelier is programmed for speed - in both drawing and program speed with a small memory footprint.

New GUI arrangement of v0.85.

Download for Windows

Required minimum resolution: 900 x 700 pixels.
32-bit Windows version. Developed in Windows 7, but may also work in other versions of Windows, most likely from 7 to 10.

Installing: Unzip to an empty directory.
Uninstalling: Delete the files.


Other platforms

Brick Atelier can work on emulating platforms such as Linux/Wine. But in those cases there can be problems that are out of context for normal use of this program. That's why using this program in such platforms should be done knowing the problems it may cause.

New features

- Undo-meter to display current location and amount of undos
- Undo history window
- Rectangle, brush and wand selectors
- Invert, deselect, fill and clear selection
- Keyboard shortcuts shown in menus
- Keyboard shortcuts for brush size (keyboard 1-6)
- Select/arrange tiles
- Option: use right mouse button as quick dropper
- Option: linear or rgb compensated darken/lighten brush
- Option: adjustable number of repeating tiles from 1x1 to max area size (was 2x2)
- Option: darken/lighten speed (0-9)
- Option: darken/lighten brush size compensation (similar speed to all brush sizes)

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Key features

- RGBA color model
- Tile sizes from 6x6 to 64x64
- History pencil option (using previously painted pixels as erase color)
- Lighten, darken and colorize pencils
- 7 shapes and 6 sizes for pencil tools
- Smudge brush
- User defined brush from selection
- Selection tools: rectangle, brush and wand
- Line, rectangle and ellipse shapes (with optional filled versions)
- Flip, mirror, rotate 90 degrees and mover tools
- Vertical and horizontal seam tools (can be used at the same time)
- Quick tile seam repeat check
- Built-in map editor
- Export to bmp image

Known issues

- File dialog events can confuse program events
- Limited editing options for alpha channel

Legal information

Brick Atelier is released as a freeware program. This gives you, the user, right to download and use this program, but that's it. There is no obligations for me, as a developer, to provide help or other extra information about this program. Use this program 'as it is'. Also, the source code is closed and both source code and the program are protected under international copyright laws. It means for example that no one can sell this program or modify it in any way.


Send feature requests and report bugs to the e-mail found in readme.txt. You can also visit Pixelation forum where I'm announcing new versions.