Brick Atelier

Copyright © 2004-2013 Paul K. Pekkarinen
Version 0.85 - 10. September 2013


Brick Atelier is a freeware tile editor for Windows. While limited in features it offers a fast user interface with most of the often needed features visible on the main screen. Brick Atelier is programmed for speed - in both drawing and program speed with a small memory footprint.

New GUI arrangement of v0.85.


Required minimum resolution: 900 x 700 pixels.
32-bit Windows version. Developed in Windows 7, but may work in older versions of Windows.

Installing: Unzip to an empty directory.
Uninstalling: Delete the files.


New features

- Undo-meter to display current location and amount of undos
- Undo history window
- Rectangle, brush and wand selectors
- Invert, deselect, fill and clear selection
- Keyboard shortcuts shown in menus
- Keyboard shortcuts for brush size (keyboard 1-6)
- Select/arrange tiles
- Option: use right mouse button as quick dropper
- Option: linear or rgb compensated darken/lighten brush
- Option: adjustable number of repeating tiles from 1x1 to max area size (was 2x2)
- Option: darken/lighten speed (0-9)
- Option: darken/lighten brush size compensation (similar speed to all brush sizes)

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Key features

- RGBA color model
- Tile sizes from 6x6 to 64x64
- History pencil option (using previously painted pixels as erase color)
- Lighten, darken and colorize pencils
- 7 shapes and 6 sizes for pencil tools
- Smudge brush
- User defined brush from selection
- Selection tools: rectangle, brush and wand
- Line, rectangle and ellipse shapes (with optional filled versions)
- Flip, mirror, rotate 90 degrees and mover tools
- Vertical and horizontal seam tools (can be used at the same time)
- Quick tile seam repeat check
- Built-in map editor
- Export to bmp image

Known issues

- File dialog events can confuse program events
- Limited editing options for alpha channel


Send feature requests and report bugs to the e-mail found in readme.txt. You can also visit Pixelation forum where I'm announcing new versions.