Brick Atelier

Copyright © 2004-2013 Paul K. Pekkarinen

Version history

v0.84 - 29. July 2011
- Append tiles
- Switch lighten/darken modes (right-click icon or press 'a')
- New dialogs with consistent style
- Bug fix: fill color alpha now works properly when alpha is adjusted
- A number of bug fixes and optimizations

- input from the keyboard in number dialogs
- menus (replaces command icons and some tool icons)
- mover hand tool (replaces arrow icons for scrolling tile)
- option: grid intensity
- option: adjust pixel size of zoomed tile
- new map editor
- bigger max tile size (64x64)

- Smudge brush
- Seam tools with option for auto-retracing
- Context sensitive F1 (currently for icons only)

- palette load & save when palette is changed (saved in data/palette.dat)
- shadow brush showing the location where pixels are painted (+option for shadow brush)
- blocky precise brush movement option
- swap tool colors with 'x'
- cut is now ctrl-x