- a roguelike adventure game -

So you want to be a rogue?

It's one of those days you wake up on a beach of small island without clothes. It's calm and dry, but there is a sense of danger. And a figure of a pirate ship in the mist. It's time to kick some chicken and chew bubblegum. But you are all out of gum.

Magic pictures

New in version 1.21

Bugs and features fixed. Source code available.

Load your small handy size cargo here

Your ship must have Windows. There is a rumour that Wine will do fine as well. Save and score files are not compatible between versions.

Download v1.21 (24. Sep 2010)

Teemu v1.2 was released 29. Aug 2010

Download v1.11 (22. May 2010)

Teemu v1.1 for gcc was released 16. May 2010
Teemu v1.1 was released 13. May 2010

Download v1.0 (7. Dec 2008)

The source sigils

C++ source code. Requires SDL development version. You also need the 'data' folder from release package to run the game.

Download source v1.21 (24. Sep 2010)

Additional Autotools package created by Ari Rahikkala for building v1.21 in Linux

Download source v1.11 (22. May 2010)


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